- Sunday, October 31, 2010


"If you own it, we'll believe it. And you will be endearing. But fear is not endearing." - Nigel Barker, Noted Photographer and Model

I've always been a fan of America's Next Top Model for the photography, creativity, art, fashion and spirit for excellence.

You see, I've been noticing young people quite a bit. Maybe it's because I'm involved in marketing trainings for young people, but that's beside the point. I've been paying extra attention to what young people do, take in, think, fear of... And I find it immensely funny that when everyone is young, somehow, we learn the importance of fitting in with the crowd.

But here's the truth : The world doesn't need another faceless person; the world needs someone who is unique and daring at the same time. So on one side, we have young people who struggle, question reality and shrink back instead of embracing their uniqueness; on the other side, we have professionals who want people who believe and know that they're unique and powerful.

Working in the advertising industry, I often hear many Executive Creative Directors talk about the importance of being different. This is because only those who embrace their uniqueness can come out with ideas that are different and revolutionary. They don't want boring, safe-playing people. And when I watch America's Next Top Model in which the judges will constantly challenge the budding models to embrace their uniqueness and believe in themselves because they bring a different twist to the world of fashion, I see the same message again : Be different.

That's not all. These gurus I have in Advertising and America's Next Top Model talk about the same thing : Go all out, give your 100%, hold nothing back, let not your fear and that irritating little voice at the back of your mind tell you you are not good enough, and just do it.

And here we have young people who settle for the last best. No wonder they're struggling!

I wish I can tell every young person in this world to snap out of it. Forget about just passing; go and get your A! Forget about just getting through it and doing the minimum; go all out, give your 100% and have no regrets! How else are you going to succeed?

... All this because my heart breaks when I see young people who have so much potential run away from their bright future and embrace the sad, dull, lonely road of mediocrity.


Cristen Barker said...

That is a very insightful article. Thank you for using Nigel's quote and so eloquently relating such a valid point. I have enjoyed exploring your blog and have posted your article on Nigel's new blog, BE One. This is a community based blog where we encourage people to make posts that relate to "Inner Beauty" the message of his new book, Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation. I hope you will visit the site and make a post or two. Good luck with your blog and thank you again!
The BE Team.


Jon Chu said...

Hi Cristen! I must say, it's really, really, really a HUGE surprise to receive such a comment from you, let alone a re-post of my humble blog post! Thank you so, so, so much for your thoughts.

And yes, I have dropped by several times to have a look at the website. I must say, it's an uplifting website for many girls - I'm sure of that.

I hope that you visit this blog more often and let me know some of your thoughts about what I've posted. I believe in growing and becoming a better person.

Thank you once again, and please say hi to Nigel for me. Tell him that he's awesome, honest and transparent. I'm sure he's a great inspiration to many.

Good luck with bringing inner beauty to this world. I'm sure the world is better because of you and Nigel. =)