- Saturday, October 09, 2010

We're Searching

We're searching. Always searching.

For love. Joy. Peace. Strength. Reasons to pull ourselves up. Reasons to believe in something, in people, in ourselves. Evidence that trust is possible. Contentment. Happiness. Accomplishment. Success.

Sometimes we know that we're searching, but know not what we search for.

So where does this lead us?

Somewhere, we know that. And we know that when we find it, we will know that that is what we've been searching for.

We also tend to think that by the time we get what we're searching for, we're done. We'll find happiness and fulfillment, and we'll not want anything else. We'll be okay and contented with what we have... but that's not true. We'll then be searching for something else. Something more.

Life is a never ending chase of something that we deem important at that point of time. Maybe it's in the course of searching we find ultimately, ourselves, and not what first set out to search for.

For only when we find ourselves, we can only truly be satisfied. With others, with ourselves, with life.

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