- Saturday, November 06, 2010

Being Childlike Doesn't Mean Childish

My awesome colleagues and I at Staff Welfare Activity aka Karaoke.
In the first picture, there's Illyaz (my awesome logistics buddy) and Grace (the best tech goddess).
In the second picture, that's me and my awesome, awesome, awesome copywriter. There has been no one as great as her! She can do write beautifully, design, create websites, and do flash! OhMGee - literally.

When I read Seth Godin write about how important it is for a person to be childlike and not childish, I immediately smiled.

I realized that as everyone grows, we somehow learn to filter ourselves. It's both good and bad, you see. Socially, we become acceptable; but when it comes to creativity, when it comes to standing out and being different, oftentimes we end up being able to do the same as everyone else.

It is only when we embrace our childlike self, we are able to be who we truly are. Our aesthetics, our styles, our personalities - they aren't like everyone else! And that's what make us, us.

Honestly, I don't understand why there is such a huge need to be like everyone else. Is it so that we can be bland, unimaginative and unexciting like those who decide that blending in is a better option? Why don't we rather embrace our differences and use it to our advantage?


In advertising, we believe that great ideas come not from the mind because the mind or the brain stays true to its mission : to be safe. And safe means to be boring, bland, unexciting, like everyone else.

But our hearts, where the child who likes to play and have fun, go crazy and believe in things that 'safe' would consider stupid -- that's where great, wow, wonderful ideas come from! And like it or not, when we block our hearts, when we suppress the child within us and govern ourselves with rules and regulations, ideas will somehow get stuck. And the whole constipation phenomenon will occur in vicious cycles.

So here's what I really want to say :
If you want to create, if you want to be known for your work, if you want to be daring and live the kind of life that is not similar to everyone, believe in your heart and be childlike. Enjoy, play, go crazy, dance in the rain, smile and literally LOL, get angry, allow yourself to be sad and cry your heart out, scream your lungs out, feel pain to its core, let go of every hurt you're harboring, jump in the air, spread out your arms and imagine you can fly...

"There are two ways to live: 
you can live as if nothing is a miracle; 
you can live as if everything is a miracle." 
Albert Einstein


Crystal said...

Love that Seth Godin post! :) Thanks for sharing :)

Joshua Anthony said...

Hallelujah! praise the Lord for this post.