- Monday, November 01, 2010

Who am I trying to please?

Feel like you wanna scream your lungs out?
Scream then. What are you waiting for?

Feel like you wanna dance in the rain?
Dance then. What are you afraid of?

Feel like crying your heart out?
Cry then. Why do you care if people stare?

Feel like laughing like never before?
Laugh then. Who are you trying to impress?

I have but one lifetime. And this lifetime is short -- too short, in fact. Why do I care about pleasing another? Why do I worry about doing things right? Why do I need to be right when the bigger, better learning is when I fail? Who am I trying to impress?

Truth is, no one cares. Everyone is too caught up in getting themselves right and straight. Yes, they may have the time and luxury to judge me, but do I live based on their judgments? Do I become who they say I am?

Certainly no. I am who I am -- the person who is within, the person with the potential to climb greater heights. But why do I care about appearing right, normal... sometimes to the point of being boring? Is it that important?

If I restrain and constrain myself to acting the way others deem normal and acceptable, wouldn't that limit me in so many thousand ways? Wouldn't I feel suffocated when I should be free to express my sentiments? Nobody puts a knife at my throat and insists that I follow the customs, but I will myself to. I let myself follow the customs -- because I know it's the safer way.

But is it really safe? Is it safe to be stifled and be boring, like everyone else, when I am allowed to be who I am? The only difference right now is that I am the limiting person who stops myself from being myself. I let myself prefer to be a faceless person, a boring, normal person. A person who's like everyone else.

Is that what I really want, or do I really want to be myself?

Who am I trying to please?

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