- Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dare Me To Blog

I've been thinking of late about what I should blog about. Inspiration seems to escape my grasp, and whenever I feel the slightest bit to blog about a certain topic, I just don't discipline myself to sit down and blog.

So here's what I thought of doing for my blog for 2011 : Send me an email about a topic you'd like to read about or want me to blog about and I'll blog about it. Of course, I'd love if the topic is on the reflective scale instead of the typical (and rather boring, predictable, uninteresting and forgive me, childish) "oh, blog about your day" or "blog about your first love" and the likes, you get the drift.

This way, I'll be somewhat obligated to blog, so there's no chicken exit. And I get to update my blog! Now, isn't that win-win?

Okay, email away now!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Blog about what you'd do if you found out that time travel was possible :D