- Sunday, January 16, 2011

Give and Receive in Return

My friend Hajok blogged :-

What if it [finding The One for you] was never meant to happen? I mean, if something went terribly wrong before and things kinda got messed up and you just can’t be together with ‘THE ONE’? Is there such a thing as.. ‘almost close to THE ONE’?

It got me thinking.

Could there ever be The One for everyone? Can we really be certain that the one we're with is 'The One'? Or do we convince ourselves that the person is 'The One'?

One of my bosses' wife told my other friend (who is also a Rawkstarr) : "When you're okay with yourself, when you're contented with who you are, that's when The One might just appear."

Thing is, how can a person be okay with himself? How can a person accept himself or herself who he/she is? Doesn't s/he see flaws in him- or herself? If yes, then wouldn't you be not okay with yourself? How is that even remotely possible?

Assuming that the theory that we need to be okay with ourselves before we really meet 'The One' is true, wouldn't we be never able to meet that 'The One'? Truth be told that all of us have something about ourselves that we are unhappy about. So how on earth are we going to meet that person?

I am still searching for answers and the moment when I can understand and internalize the answer I find. Perhaps one day I'll find the answers and I'll share them with you. For now, I've got a long way more in life to walk and grow up. Wish me luck.

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