- Monday, January 10, 2011

My Yesterdays Made My Today

My good high school friend threw me a challenge in response to my previous post : Dare me to blog. Here's what he wanted me to blog about : Reminisce about the past and reflect what has made you the man that you are today

I was just having a chat with my boss and friend Janet Lee about my future and she said something that stuck to my mind :

"When you reach about 40 and you look back your life, you'll realize that everything happened for a reason. And you'll smile and thank God for everything."Janet Lee 

How true -- not that I've lived 40 years on earth, but that even right now, as I look back at my life, I see so many things that I've gone through that have made me a very different person today. And I'm happy about that.

You see, music is my life. Performing, planning, arranging songs make breathing so much more exciting for me. Every time there's an opening for my church youths to perform, I jump right at it to plan and train them. And at the end of the day, the satisfaction is immense.

So what made me this way? I suppose it's my mom's unrelenting insistence that I practice the piano when I was just a kid. She'd sit beside me with a cane in her hand and hit me every time I complained. And yes, if my piano was made of metal, it would have rusted thanks to my abundant tears.

But what results did my mom's act create? I finished Grade 8 in 5 years (or 4.5 years to be exact), began teaching and found immense joy in teaching. Had a chance to direct a musical back in 2008 and made it awesome (with my limited experience). Ah, the fun!

Another major thing that happened to me was being pulled out of the Malaysian education system and thrown into the American homeschooling system. Boy, was I angry that time! Whenever there was a chance to throw tantrum, I seized it and I'll use it to my advantage. And I gotta admit, I did make a hell for my parents that time. But as I grew, I began enjoying doing Language Arts and Maths. I began seeing the beauty of the American education system, and to be honest, I was somewhat proud that I wasn't stuck studying about boring history and going to boring classes in Malaysian school.

Yes, I did miss out on tons of experiences, but the fact remains that I loved my homeschool studies. Reading about poems, studying stuffs like gerunds, interrogative phrases, adverbial phrases, and analyzing Beowulf and In His Steps made studying much more interesting. (Normal school goers, beat that with your boring Phantom of the Opera, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and The Pearl! Ha!)

And the result of being a homeschooler? Studying was never an uphill task. Study smart was my automatic nature when it came to studying. (I can't even understand what it means to study hard!) Writing theses and thinking critically came with the package.

The third thing I'd like to highlight was the fact that I was always found in small places. I'm from a small church with only about 50 church members. I've attended a small homeschooling center with only about 10 students, and a small college with only about 300 students (of which 50% have graduated). And right now, I'm working at a small company with only about 8 - 10 people.

So what does that say about me?

I've been thinking about for a few years and here's the conclusion that I've made thus far : Maybe God has put me in such places so that I can learn that I have the choice to either be a victim and complain that my life sucks, that I've no chance to be awesome; or I can subscribe to the responsible version, which is to see the smallness of my environment as an extremely great opportunity to shine.

I wouldn't say that I've learned these lessons well. I admit that I've at many times complained and wished that I was at a better, nicer, bigger place. But I'm learning to make the best of every moment I have.

I'm planning to embark onto another journey in a few months' or a year's time. I wonder where would life and God lead me. Til then, viva la vida!


ah^kam_koko' said...

No matter where you are, I'm sure you'll do great!
After all, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.

Sarah Sue said...

Indeed, God always has a purpose for wherever he places us in. Always : D Every cloud has a silver lining!

Awesome blog! : )

Jon Chu said...

I think YOU are the city on a hill. Your students are so blessed to have you, honestly. Not many teachers can be like you in the same kind of conditions. Trust me, I know.

[Sarah Sue]
Thanks! Thanks for coming by and commenting too! =) Do come back often. So what experiences have made you the lady you are today? =P Give you a chance to thank God. Hahaha!