- Sunday, January 02, 2011

Reminiscence : Idea Rawkstarrs

Meet most of my awesome Idea Rawkstarrs mates. (For some reasons, a few of them couldn't join us for our hoo-haa session after completing our training.)

I suppose it's rather random to suddenly blog about them, especially since training ended in May 2010. But as I was looking through the pictures and thinking about how the past year has been for me, I couldn't help smiling and thinking how awesome, inspiring and powerful all of them are.

You see, these amazing people have turned my world in one way or other. I suppose it's how the training is structured -- it brings out the best in people. And somehow, in odd ways, friendships are being forged and strengthened in ways I can't find elsewhere!

And that's the most amazing thing about these people. They've taught me to be brave, to be accountable for what I do, to believe in myself and to let myself be proud of myself.

And though like every training, we have gone our separate ways, I know for sure that the bond will still be there, and the friendship formed will not be forgotten.

As I look at where each of us is right now, doing this we love, winning personal battles and wars at work, I feel this sense of pride that is... different. It's that kind of feeling when you've won a war, and you look deep into the eyes of your fellow soldiers and all your eyes can say is, 'We have won. We have won!'

Ah, what an odd memory. What an odd feeling.

Thank God for Idea Rawkstarrs. =)

Ah, crap. I feel so mushy like a girl now. =.= What is becoming of me!

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Yup... These are the uplifting memories that will carry us through the most challenging of times & our lowest moments in life.