- Monday, March 07, 2011


In The Samurai Game that I've previously blogged about here, we've been told repeatedly to walk with the intention of looking for opportunity.

What a profound instruction!

Isn't that what life is all about? Living from day to day while looking for opportunities to improve ourselves, to do a good deed, to practice an art or a skill, to look for a class or lecturer or teacher, to achieve something, to be somebody, to feel alive, to make a point, to believe in ourselves...

In 95% The Advertising Academy, we believe that when there is an intention, the mechanism (the deeds that must be done to get the intended result) will come. Similarly, in life, when we walk with the intention of looking of opportunities, opportunities will appear.

Sometimes we need to slow down, sometimes fasten our pace, but as long as we hold on to the intention of looking for opportunities, we will never be found standing still. There will always be a way to move.

I once thought that in life, I will occasionally find myself standing still, without any direction. But when I really think about it, that's not true at all. There's always a direction, always somewhere to go.

It's like walking in a town. There are tons of roads you can head to. Sometimes, it's okay to not have a destination; but it's never okay to just stand at the same place hoping things to change or get better.

And that's life. Regardless we're happy about it or not, regardless if we think it's fair or not, life goes on. And if we decide to hold on to our selfish emotions, we'll just be standing at the same place, stagnant. 

So what's your intention in life? Are you walking with the intention of looking for opportunities? Or are you just standing still?

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Suit Lin said...

Your font is the funny on my office laptop.

My intention is to never let any chance to be awesome slide. Even in small ways. xoxo