- Sunday, March 27, 2011

People Are Important

Two years ago, I was a total asshole. Work was the most important thing to me, and nothing -- absolutely nothing -- will keep me from it. If someone's in deep shit, I'd say, "Oh, too bad for you. I will come and lend a hand after I finish my work." If someone comes to me and asks me for a cup of tea or two, and what I have at hand is not urgent or important, I'd say, "I've got some work to do. Let's reschedule."

Simply said, I was your typical 100% work-oriented stuck-up bastard. My work and accomplishments were my world. I'd be anal about every single detail; perfection was my middle name.

But today, I have changed.

Work is not everything anymore (unless I can't help it). People come first. I find myself at home more. I never skip family dinners, and I will never, ever let anything come in the way of having a great dinner with my family.

Slowly, that side of me that puts work above all else is slowly diminishing as I begin developing my other side : the side that values humans more.

Two years ago, there was no such thing as empathy. I placed myself above all else and my world was me, me and me. My opinions mattered, and I made sure things go my way.

But then, life happened. 95% The Advertising Academy happened. Idea Rawkstarrs happened. I began to surround myself with people who uphold and build others, who choose to see the good side of life and people, who are warriors in their own and unique stead.

I began seeing life from a different perspective. (Whoever said that it's important for you to choose your friends and surround yourself with positive people, I second that it is absolutely important you do that.)

Now, when I meet people who open up to me and tell me their problems, when something happens, I immediately ask, "Are you okay?" before looking at my injuries. When participants who come to 95%'s trainings tell me what they're struggling with, I sometimes find my eyes teary and my heart goes out for them. I find myself wishing that I could do a better job to help them.

Two years ago, I would have never felt that way. But now, I guess I've changed. And I'm continuing to change day by day, for the better, I am sure.

Who knows what kind of person I will be in two, five or ten years? I wouldn't even want to start imagining (such a waste of imagination, brain space and time!); I'll make sure I'll be a better person. I'm not done doing good and giving love to this world until my spirit decides it's time to go back to heaven.


Lionel Ngion said...

i'm glad i met you now,not two years ago :P

ah^kam_koko' said...

This usually happens to determined & idealistic men.
They just dont know where to draw the line between work & life.
Relationships & networks matter more & I'm glad you're opening yourself up to ppl who will also more likely be there for you when you need them in the future.

Crystal said...

yay that makes two converted typical 100% work-oriented stuck-up bastards :D