- Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slow Down, Don’t Move Too Fast


Sometimes we don’t let things grow; we want things to happen instantly. But they don’t usually happen that way, else we would’ve all been geniuses and great people. And there will be no such thing as a student, a learner anymore.

But there’s a reason why only few are geniuses and noted people. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, blaming others or complaining that things are not prepared for them, they practice their art again and again and again until they got it mastered.

Yes, we want to be somebody great, but don’t forget that every single breathing moment, we are given the chance to prove to ourselves that we are great. When we adopt such a state of mind, and live each moment to its fullest potential, we unknowingly and slowly build a legacy for ourselves.

And as our greatness compounds and compounds, one day, we’ll find ourselves smiling with pride from within.

Greatness is not defined by the things we do; it’s defined by our attitude.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Yes, great things take time to happen.
Just like baking a good cake.
You need the right ingredients & the right tools. Then, you need the right amount of time.

Let's be great!