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One Young World ‘Impact’ Report

One Young World

My dear friends and readers,

Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to create a report for this global summit called One Young World. In this report, my team and I contacted more than 36,000 young people and 50 youth leaders and gathered their thoughts about our country. Their sharing was very powerful – they spoke about how they yearned to see the country grow, in which areas they wanted support from the government, what kind of platforms they wanted to develop themselves, just to name a few.

The report of course garnered a lot of support. It was featured in CNN. It landed in the hands of our Prime Minister and great leaders like Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus, Richard Branson and even our very own Tony Fernandez… just to name a few. I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves.

PM of Malaysia with the ReportCEO of MSC Malaysia with OYW Youth Report Tun Abdullah checking out the One Young World Report 1.0Malaysia PM complimenting Michael Teoh and team about the One Young World Report Sir Bob Geldof with the Malaysian Youth Report

(That young guy you keep seeing in the pictures is Co-creator of this report and 2010’s Malaysian Ambassador for One Young World. He, Michael Teoh, is a really good friend and while we’re working hard here in Malaysia, he’s around the world lobbying for this report!)

This year, my team and I are producing a follow up to this report. What we will be doing this follow up (it’s called One Young World ‘Impact’ Report) is to publicize and showcase the talents and capabilities of our Malaysian youths by writing and reporting about the projects they have done in Malaysia. These projects must have the below criteria :

  1. Involved young people; or gave young people a platform for them to develop their skills and talents
  2. Created an impact in their respective communities

We are aiming to feature at least 25 youth leaders and 100 projects in this report.

This year, I registered myself as a Candidate for this global forum. Like what Michael did last year (as you can see in the pictures above), I want to represent Malaysia and speak in this forum as a Malaysian Delegate. Besides that, I want to personally represent Malaysia and showcase to the world what our homegrown young people are doing and can do – the projects they’re getting involved in that are creating impacts – be it big or small – in their respective communities. I want the world to see and be inspired by the courage our Malaysian youths have.

And most of all, through this, I want to encourage our young people that the needs of the world are endless, and when there is a need to be filled, there is a need to have leaders rise up to the call, and create Change.

But before I get to present this follow up report to the world at Zurich, Switzerland in September 1 – 4, 2011, I need your support. I need you to visit this page (http://bit.ly/mv9AbO) and click on the LIKE button. You will see the words “You Like This” once you like it. And note, you will need to be signed in to Facebook to do this.

When I find myself on the stage of the global summit of One Young World, staring at the many faces of delegates from 192 countries and the faces of the great leaders such as Kofi Annan, Richard Branson, Muhammad Yunus, it will be because you have enabled me to be there to showcase to the world the talents of our young people. It will not be because of my strength or my talents, but your support.

Thank you for your support by clicking the LIKE button in the link that I’ve placed above. If you can, I would appreciate that you share it with your friends too.

Also, if you have projects that you have been involved in, let me know at jonnychu89@gmail.com Feed me with info, and I’ll look into including you in the report.

This is not about me, Jonathan Chu. No, far from it. This is about Malaysia and its young people, their strength, their courage and their talents.

For this, I give you my sincerest gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, my friends.

Jonathan Chu


ah^kam_koko' said...

Dude, I clicked like & it did not register.

Putri Sekar said...

Hi Jon! I found your blog from oneyoungworld web site. wow, it must be very challenging and fun to be a report writer for such a big event like one young world. How could you be selected?

And your blog is amusing:)
Follow my blog. Hope we can share a lots of useful thing each other