- Monday, September 26, 2011

Forgive Me for I Forget

Please forgive me that I am forgetful.

I forget that in all things, You are in control and You are able.

I forget that my problems are exceptionally small, when compared to what You can do in the future.

I forget that my weaknesses are just a tiny drop in the ocean of great things that you have done and can do.

I forget that despite my failures, You chose to come to mother earth, spread Your arms across the cross and shed Your blood so that I may know eternity.

I forget that because I am in You, every time I call upon Your name, I will be saved, I will be heard.

I forget that You have promised that You will never leave nor forsake me.

I forget that You have blessed and are blessing me. Good health, nice friends, sufficient finance, beautiful weather... all things are blessings from You, if only I had opened my eyes and recognized them as what You intended them to be.

I forget that if You are for me, no one - not even the evil one - can go against me.

I forget that You are lifted up in heaven and have defeated death, that You have overcome all things, that I should take heart that the bondage I find myself in is nothing to You - for You have set me free and called me into righteousness.

I forget that with this little faith I have, I can move mountains. But more importantly, I can step into Your presence with confidence and call You Abba Father.

I forget that everything happens in life because You allowed them to. And the sole purpose of everything that happens is so that I may be more Christlike.

And most importantly, dear Lord Jesus, I forget that You don't want to give me answers; You want to BE the answer. Time after time when I demand answers from You, You have never let me go but instead reminded me repeatedly that You want to be the answer. That You wanted me to come to You for You and not answers.

Dear God who is able in all things, I let go of all control. I stop insisting how things should or should not be. But offer everything up to You

For in all things, You are able.


BeCkY** said...

Thanks for your post, lifted my spirit up.

I feel like I am at the end of the rope all the time ever since I work, I prayed, but I forget that He is the answer.

Thanks again and God bless

Joshua Anthony said...

the more imperfect and forgetful we become, we made Him more perfect than ever before, in us. The stronghold of the devil was never in reality, but in the mind. ;)

loves from sarawak!!!!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Wonderfully written.