- Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mirror Effect

Everyone you know is a mirror of you; and you are attracted to or repulsed by people because you pick up a certain quality about the person that you might or might not be aware that you have.


Here's an easy test. Think about a person and an attitude that he/she possesses and you specifically dislike. Think about how that attitude irks, disgusts, or annoys you to your skin. Now, search deep into your heart, think about your past, look hard at your inner, deep, secret desires - and you'll most probably find that similar attitude which you so disapprove.

This can only be achieved with brutal honesty with yourself and the courage to dare to gaze at the parts of you that you like and dislike. Never easy, but you'll tend to be more forgiving and understanding the next time when you meet that specific person.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

You're right. We're basically comprised of different combinations of the same basic building blocks.
The ppl who irk us are probably here to teach us not to imitate & be patient.

I realise that my pursuit of excellence in my service has irked many people.
I can see it by the way that they look at me. They are looking hard for flaws.
I'm not perfect so I wont hide my flaws. I hope to one day turn harness them into advantages.

I dont judge them for choosing to take the easy way out but they think I judge them so they built up walls in their hearts to protect themselves & their choices.

God help me. Bless me & enlarge my territory.
Bless them too for they so desperately need love.