- Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Am Who I Hang Out With

Today I thank God for Pastor Jon Cook and his message he preached a few months back. He emphasized that we are who we hang out with. Initially I felt it was a good reminder about choosing my friends well. But ever since I'm back here, I realised I'm choosing to spend my time with people who can speak into my life or whom I can speak life into.

Then I realised that I'm perfectly alright with having just a few friends. I don't need to know a lot of people as I once wanted so badly; right now, just a few will do. A few true, good friends. The kind of people who are completely okay with silence. The kind who don't judge you by each word you say. The kind who talk about life and don't mind being honest about how much they're struggling. The kind who remind me that I am here for a purpose, and who will stand by the decisions I make and not judge me by them.

The kind who remind me that God has a hand in everything. The kind who tell me to pursue God no matter what. The kind who tell me to continue writing songs despite everything that is against me. The kind who tell me that it is more blessed to bless than be blessed.

The kind who tell me to pursue my dreams and just surrender. The kind who are grateful for what life has thrown at them. The kind who persevere, fight and never give up. The kind who are transparent and not shy away from authenticity.

The kind who are not obsessed about networking and making it huge in business. Far from it. But people who want to chase God and be after His heart. Who want to worship and please the King of kings. Who want to put a smile on His - and not people's - face(s).

The kind who never make me feel like I'm not good enough. The kind who push me hard - although I insist (and sometimes shout out) that I can't do it anymore. The kind who don't put me on a pedestal but silently whisper to my ears - you can. Just another step. Another while more. Hang in there.

For these people, I don't mind hanging out with them. In fact, I long to have a chance to meet up and just worship.

Friends are important. Very important. I don't think we were ever made to be an island. But we want to choose the kind of people we hang out with.

Right now I think I've found those I want to spend time with. And for that I thank God.

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Jik Kam Yong said...

Indeed. Good friends are hard to come by.

I wish I had access to great friends but in the jungle... sometimes I feel very alone because I am the only person who thinks the way I do. oh well, we make do with what we have. =)